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27 January 2013 @ 01:33 pm
BIG update coming soon!  
Hey everybody! Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year!

Christmas eve itself ended with myself in the A&E with 3 of my old college buddies, drunk and passed out on pain meds. Not myself, can't drink because of my own meds, but themselves? Geez louise!

Turns out, belly-flopping down stairs isn't good for your head. .Especially when it ends on the front door being wide open and your head hitting concrete once your flopped through it and outside at 2am. And that was just my first friend, Rob.

Next comes Shaun, he decided that the huge trampoline would bounce him to the sky if he jumped from a second story window. He was drunk, people, plus if i'd known what he was planning, i would have glued the damned windows shut, but. .yeah. Didn't find out till we all heard screaming from both guys and girls outside. Oh, and Shaun, who'd caught his arm in between the springs round the edge of the trampoline as he landed and broke his arm in 3 places.

Finally, we have Dan. He's a way old ex of mine and still a close friend. When he isn't an idiot. He decided to do a drinking dare with some other guy who i didn't really know, but they both decided to see who could down a whole bottles worth of vodka shots the fastest. .Yep. He got so sick he had to have his stomach pumped. After he puked in the backseat of the hosts sister's car. Poor Laura.

So at 5:40am Christmas MORNING, i was STILL in the A&E with the guys who shall i say, decided i was a new form of pillow and laid their heads all over me and just passed out. By the time their parents/girlfriends/fiancee turned up to get them, i literally stank of booze, sweat and puke. It was beyond nasty, because when i got home my parents were so nice to me! They waited till gone 10am to open presents with me!

I blubbed like a baby.

Most of Christmas day was spent with me having the quickest shower in history, before opening presents and having the bestest cooked dinner EVER, followed by curling up on the couch and watching David Bowie in the Labyrinth with my mum, who is a total Bowie nut. So we watched twice and threw cashew nuts at my dad because he said Bowie was too skinny and had socks in his pants during his close-ups.

. .Moving on. .

New Year was sort-of ok. I mostly partied with the family and did all the embarrassing dances and karaoke with my aunts and little cousins, before my cousin Melanie's ex turned up. The guy isn't nice, people. He scarred all Melanie's arm with a jagged door key years ago, just because she asked the postman to carry a large package into the kitchen for her, while he wasn't there. He's f*cked in the brain, people. And well he's just a nasty git to boot!

He turns up demanding to know why he didn't have the kids for New Year, when they had already agreed through his new wife, Shelly, that Melanie would have them till the day after, so they could come to the party and see all the family. Apparently, Shelly hates her guts and told him none of this, so he thought she was refusing him access and turned up to play hell.

Bad idea, as most of the family was ready to kick his ass as he'd avoided a lot of us since the scarring incident years ago and cousins, uncles, brothers and sisters were REALLY pissed about it. .He got a punch from one of my uncles before a bunch of my cousin's kicked him out and threatened him with some pretty colorful words.

I mostly needed to vent more, but i know i'm carrying on like woah. So shutting up and getting back to the main reason for my post.

I've started some icons and am aiming to post, HOPEFULLY by the middle of February or early March, unless the muse hits and i get inspired, maybe sooner.

I also want to redo all my links on my main journal page, but am having a hella hard time getting certain mini icons to link to Pinterest & 8Tracks. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later and i'll get more regular with posts again, as i do miss being on here!

If you don't know anything about 8tracks, btw, it's a site for music mixes, like the old 8 track tapes. It really is a cool site and a lot of people are using it for their fan-mixes now. Including myself at some point, as i'm working on mixes constantly through my iPhone, just adding tracks willy-nilly to god knows how many mixes i've thought up.

I'm carrying on again. . .If you guys want to give me ideas for icons, banners or manips etc, i'd be more than grateful as i'm SO behind on the fandoms themselves.