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08 August 2015 @ 09:10 pm
I'm coming back. REALLY.  
So a few people have messaged on here asking whats going on with me?

I've actually been in and out of hospital again with a big operation, followed by getting rushed back in with complications and a chest infection that has left me really weak and taking a long time to recover.

I'm out of the hospital now (about a week now), and i'm slowly starting to eat again as the operation itself was a ghastric bypass. I still have a lot of trouble with what i can and cannot eat, so i get sick a lot or half the time i really havent just eaten at all which i guess doesnt help, but then this operation changes your body so much, everything else goes out the window too.

Currently i've lost 4 stone and although ive been told i look a lot better for it? I really do still feel like a (excuse the language!) bag of sh*t. I'm pretty much living on soup and liquids right now and just the very occasional cracker which i have to practically turn to much before i can swallow the damn thing.

Can you tell how frustrated i am yet? LOL.

I don't want to go on too much, but just wanted to let the few who asked know what was happening and those who sent get well messages, i want to say thankyou! Candy, your a total peach! love you, hun!

As for arts and icons, i still have the few i made before the hospital and hopefully i will get back into it when i can stand longer than 20 minutes on the computer at a time, as i use that time to quickly answer emails at the moment, before most of my little energy runs out.

Anyway, i'm about to hit the sack early as i will probably have to wait out the doctor at the hospital tomorrow, they rarely ever run on time at my hospital in Doncaster, so i will need all the sleep i can get. *sigh*

I will post omething within the next week or so. Promise.