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10 July 2012 @ 02:03 pm
AMMYY Scam!!!  

I got this call yesterday and because they mentioned Microsoft a few times and 'oh we're certified and stuff. I believed them.

Total mug that i am!

After i let them get onto my c0mputer to sort out the so called voided warranty for me, it was FINALLY mentioned that for a one time fee of 220 quid, they would then activate all the cr@p they had just installed on my computer.

I'm disabled and not currently working. I can't afford that sort of money!

The guy then explained himself 3 times over, saying i NEED these warranties on my computer or i will get hacked, my computer will slowly die etc. .But i didn't budge and told him point blank i didn't have that sort of money (i really don't)

So he went and spoke to his manager and came back saying i could activate it for a year @ 95 for 1 yr.

Still not going to happen. So he went away again and came back stating i could do it at 50+ in installments.

I won't go into anymore detail, but to say that the second i got away (the guy claimed he would call back. DAMN), i did a search on the net for the name AMMY (a site he made me go to for him to get access) and thousands of links came up about a big scam going off all over the world.

Australia, New Zealand, Uk. .And they are scamming everyone and their mother too!

One guy managed to get his mother out before any money was sent to them, but quite a lot of people are just genuinely not clued in enough to get it, till they see their bank statements with such high amounts gone. So i'm writing to warn as many as i can.

If you get one sniff of the word AMMY.


I've now had to completely wipe my whole laptop, as well as change all my passwords (router, email, laptop log in) as well as desperately scan with Norton and Microsoft's malicious software tool.

When this guy calls back on Friday, i am going to be giving him the riot act, for sure.

Scamming people of their money is absolutely disgusting! Especially the older people such as that guys mum and families who could genuinely be struggling.

I'm sorry for my ranting, but i'm just honestly worried for other people getting caught by this scam.
Cori: Oliver_BSsxymami0909 on July 10th, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah they did that to me to. It was hilarious the guy could barely speak English and I was like nothing is wrong with my computer and the second they mentioned Microsoft I said, oh yeah? I work for Microsoft, which branch is this and he paused and hung up. Best thing EVER.

These scammers are terrible! I'm so sorry that happened to you. :/ *hugs*
WinchesterJo: Chloe -- Soda Chickwinchesterjo on July 11th, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
I swear it didn't help that i'd literally been woken up by the call too, so i don't think that helped either. But i am glad i refused to pay anything straight away, as i don't get paid till Friday.

Only thing i have to deal with now though is the call back he said he would make on Friday to get my payment.


I'm so giving the guy a piece of my mind. .It's sad i'm excited about it, right?

charlie_jae on July 10th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the heads up, this is seriously some dangerous shit. I hate that things like this are still going on.
WinchesterJo: !donna_rainhatwinchesterjo on July 11th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
i just hope enough people get to know about it, is all. It really is a nasty thing to be swindled that way.

my dad was taken for 11,000 last year through an ebay scam for a land rover. it really effected him for months as he was so angry and wouldn't trust anyone with money.

this isn't as big in terms of that, but 200+ is still a lot of money when you compare it to things you need to get by.

if that makes sense?