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26 May 2013 @ 01:12 pm
Ok, so I'm starting with an apology for when I promised an icon/arts post for the end of Feb/early march.

I do have a few icons made up to post, but not enough to warrant an actual post. .around 8?

I planned to finish them off and actually do some crossover manips as well, but never got round to doing more than one for an RP I've been running with a longtime friend, drumbitch and it was a crossover of TVD and a character of mine, Bella, played by Demi Lovato.

(if you guys wanna see my RP manips as well as the more regular ones, ill post them as well?)

Anyway, I don't want to waffle on about cr@p, but needless to say its all health related stuff that got in my way, and I'm only just coming out of my months long funk. Basically it was diabetes etc and having a majorly bad reaction to some medication I was given. It's been difficult, but I'm getting through and will hopefully be getting back on track soon and back on livejournal within a month or so.

I really have missed some major stuff, but from what I read so far, a certain peep got a Dalek tattoo with a cat, another is having Arrow withdrawal, as am I, and a 3rd was pissed that one our favourite Nintendo series, harvest moon, wasn't releasing the latest version in the UK yet.

WT$#*?! Right? (I have a bad addiction to harvest moon on my 3DS, just so you guys know WTH I'm complaining about now. Lol!)

So, if you guys wanna bitch at me, yell about lack of icons and art etc, I'm trying to get back on as much as possible now and catch up. I will answer your comments if you leave them! Don't worry!

Hugs & cookies!