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15 October 2013 @ 03:27 pm
So i don't really know what to say. . .  
Things havent been that amazing recently, hence me not doing the icon posts and arts that i promised before. So this is my first apology.

I'm sorry.

Secondly, i keep saying that i will make bits and pieces for everybody, and some i have half done, while the other are arranged and in folders to do. It's not that i just keep putting them off or anything, but that photoshop and me just aren't the best of friends at the moment? My drive to actually make things seems to desert me every time i open the damned program lately, which has really frustrated me.

So again, to those i promised arts for fics or anything else. .

I'm sorry.

Ive had the occasional message from some of you, but most of you have been really patient with me, as i have the crappiest health this last 2/3 years, especially with the accident before. You guys were amazing then and the support i has really kept me going, during all the psysio and the annoyingly upsetting visits with the therapist who was determined to ignore the fact i has an accident and wanted to rip me to pieces every visit. .Which im not going to go into right here.

:S Sorry.

Anyway. I'm just letting you all know that i am trying to get stuff done when i have the time and for the two of you who messaged and asked recently, my next operation after my ghall stones, will be one ive decided for myself and not just because of health reasons. Its called a ghastric sleeve.

So if i go quiet again in a few months time, it's probably because i'll be dealing with that, not because ive gone off radar again and had a fight with photoshop or anything. Sort of a pre-warning thing.

But, to other matters. Im trying to do more crossover arts again, and i do have a small pile of post-it's with all my own wants on it. But what about you guys?

Any crossover at all, ill give it a try for you! Just leave your suggestions in the comments below!